FitoBox is the first, unique and original KIT that contains the necessary to obtain a reedbed (constructed wetland) in a simple, fast and inexpensive way, saving the assembly cost.
Appreciated by our customers for the easy installation and tested over years of experience (more than 1200 reedbeds realized!), essential qualities for the "do it yourself"
No skilled labour is required.

EVERYONE can install FitoBox

FitoBox is easy to assemble and it's available for plant areas between 15 and 120 m².
Bigger treatment plants can be achieved by combining multiple basins.
reedbed PVC sheath

It's very easy to realize a reedbed using FitoBox : first of all you have to dig a basin with a depth of 80 cm. The surface depends on the quantity and the characteristics of the wastewater that must be treated.

The basin is sealed by a highly resistant PVC sheath (single piece) and filled with inert material (gravel) on which aquatic plants are directly planted. The flanges for inserting the pipes are already welded on the PVC sheath (Initram patented system).
No skilled labour is required.

Through the system of internal pipes and the water level control device the water level inside the plant is maintained about 15 cm below the surface of the gravel: the reedbed can be walked on, there are absolutely no problems of proliferation of insects and odors and can therefore be positioned very close to homes.

After about 12 months the plants cover the entire surface of the gravel without taking root out of the constructed wetland as the plants used are aquatic and the roots need to stay in the water.

reedbed pretreatment scheme
The wastewater must be pre-treated before being sent to the reedbed.
  FitoBox contains:
Assembly manual
Waterproof PVC sheath, 1.2 mm thick, single piece, with special quick coupling flanges already assembled to allow a simple way to set pipes with a guaranteed watertightness (patented)
Distribution and gathering pipes
Premium polyprolpilene geotextile
Water level control system (patented)
Basin excavation and filling instruction
Aquatic plants
Maintenance instructions


All our materials comply with the European and international regulations and standards.
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Whith FitoBox you can divide large plants in several basins.

For example, a plant with total area of 160 can be realized with two FitoBox of 80 operating in series or in parallel.


A plant with total area of 320 can be realized with four FitoBox of 80 .

is delivered to the address you choose in 10 days (within Europe).

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