The wastewater of the great majority of homes not connected to public sewage is treated exclusively with a septic tank (in the best case) before being discharged in the environment. In addition to not be authorized, these discharges represent an important source of pollution.

A reed bed is the ideal solution for the treatment of this type of wastewater since with a zero cost of maintenance you can obtain clean, odorless and colorless water. The purified water can be discharged into the ground, in a water course, into a ditch or reused for irrigation. Unlike an activated sludge plant, in fact, a reed bed works for simple gravity, without the need of electricity, it does not contain electromechanical parts and therefore does not require any specialized maintenance.

For example, for a family of five will be enough an area of 20 m² (eg 5x4 m) and a depth of 80 cm. At the exit what you get is a purified water which can be discharged anywhere or reused for irrigation.
You only have to put a septic tank on the sewage line to keep the solids and a degreaser on the soapy water and kitchen line. The wastewater will then be conveyed in the reed bed.

The plant can be walked on, without surfacing water and can be placed very close to the house because there are no problems of odors and insects.


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Reed beds for homes
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