Restaurants produce wastewater whose quantity varies with the number of customers: there may be restaurants that work constantly throughout the week or restaurants open only on weekends or even just a few months a year. The result is a discharge highly variable over the week or even over the year.

Even in this case the tecnique of constructed wetlands represents the ideal solution for wastewater treatment because not affected by changes of organic load. With a zero cost of maintenance you can obtain clean, odorless and colorless water. The purified water can be discharged into the ground, in a water course, into a ditch or reused for irrigation. Unlike an activated sludge plant, in fact, a reed bed works for simple gravity, without the need of electricity, it does not contain electromechanical parts and therefore does not require any specialized maintenance.

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The plant can be walked on, without surfacing water and can be placed everywhere because there are no problems of odors and insects.


Reed beds for restaurants
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