These types of wastewater are characterized by large variations in flow through time: just think for example to a camping or to a bathing facility where you have maximum activity in the summer and almost anything or nothing in the rest of the year.
A discharge with these features is a source of serious problems for the management of traditional mechanical plants that are able to guarantee the purification exclusively with a constant flow rate.

As with the isolated residential areas, the tecnique of constructed wetlands turns out to be the method of wastewater treatment best suited as the aquatic plants and the microorganisms responsible for the reduction of pollutants remain active during all the year, even in prolonged absence of organic load. In addition, as a reed bed works by gravity and in the absence of electromechanical components, it's not necessary to do absolutely nothing for restarting!
The purified water can be disposed anywhere or, as the period of maximum activity of the accommodation is in correspondence of the hottest periods, even reused for irrigation.


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Example of a reed bed in a farm

The plant can be walked on, without surfacing water and can be placed everywhere because there are no problems of odors and insects.

Reed beds for
(farms, hotels, campings, bathing facilities, mountain lodges, etc.)
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